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Too Scientific For You

When you're just not on the same level as a scientist near you.

Boy Scientist Invents Better Sandbag To Protect Against Salt Water Floods

Peyton Robertson is a favorite of Ellen DeGenerous, and for good reason. The young boy isn't just s science prodigy,…

Liquid Oxygen In Super Slow Motion

As their name suggest Periodic Videos is obsessed with all things science and chemical. In this latest video of their to…

MIT Professor Tells His Students All Of You Have Lost Your Virginity In Physics

MIT professor Walter Lewin is a legend in the physics world. Spanish channel lainformacioncom had the special chance to interview the eccentric…

What Would Happen If You Put Your Hand In The Beam Of The Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider was on top of the news in 2008, but has fallen back to just the topic…


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