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Musician Takes Down Hate Preacher In Most Scottish Way Possible

When you think about Scotland, what comes to mind? Probably the bagpipes and religion, namely Christianity. After getting sick of a loud preacher in


John Oliver On Scottish Independence

Later this week, Scots will be voting on one of their most important pieces of legislation in years. Voters will


World’s Shortest Commercial Flight

Back in 2010, Seth Miller flew on the world's shortest commercial flight from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkeny Islands of Scotland. It


Prince Charles Reads The BBC Scotland Weather Forecast

Brits and Scots across the United Kingdom had the special honor of having their prince, Prince Charles, do the weather


Trampoline Rolls By During Windy Storm In Scotland

Hurricanes are usually a terrifying experience when an entire town can be tour down by the powerful winds. Or, as in this


Fireworks Display Accidently All Launched At Once

Viewers of the annual community fireworks in Oban, Scotland got a very big, but short display this year. The entire


Chris Maguire Half Field Goal Scotland VS Iceland

At the half way line Chris Maguire kicks it up and high and just right over the goalies head. Great