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Fake Dinosaur Scares School Children

There's been plenty of fake dinosaur videos online before. A huge T-Rex scares school kids at a school in the


Meatloaf Screaming At Gary Busey Celebrity Apprentice

Gary Busey has really been rubbing Meatloaf the wrong way in this season's Celebrity Apprentice. When Meatloaf can't find his art supplies,


Leonardo Dicaprio Screaming, Freaking Out Super Cut Compilation

In how many movies doe Leonardo DiCaprio freak out, scream, yell, and just go crazy? Apparently many. An editor cuts


KFC Worker Freaks Out

A customer says something to a KFC staff worker that really pushes him over the edge. We don't know what


Part 2 Black Man LOVES Pokémon

This black dude went viral rampaing and screaming about how much he loves pokemon. Here's part 2 of the black dudes


Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming Movie Montage Compilation

An edit of every damn time Arnold Schwarzenegger screams his famous Arnold scream in every Arnold movie. Haha, after a


Cornell Professor Rants Over Yawn

Professor keeps hearing overly loud yawns, and can't take it anymore. He stops class and screams if you need to


Crazy Asian Lady Screaming On Subway Train – ‘You Pregnant’

I really have no idea what this woman is screaming or what she wants. She may just be greatly disturbed,


Red Neck Woman Excited To Be On TV When Police Record Arresting Her Sister, Screams County Law

The police arrest a woman at her house, probably on a warrant. Once her sister realizes that the scene is


Blonde English Man Freaks Out On Bus

I really have no idea, what he's saying, or screaming about. But it's funny. I love those double decker buses.