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Honest Trailer Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

You've seen the first Hunger Games film and the much anticipated follow up, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Now, months later, movie obsessed Screen


Celebrities Starring In Foreign Commercials Compilation

Hollywood obsessed Screen Junkies went viral back in January with their video covering Celebrities In Commercials Before They Were Famous. Now, Hal Rudnick has


What Would Really Happen To The Bad Guys In The Home Alone Movies

The Home Alone movies are the epitome of modern slap-stick Hollywood fun. Harry and Marv of The Wet Bandits get burned,


Celebrities In Commercials Before They Were Famous Part 2

Back in September, Screen Junkies went back in time to show viewers they favorite actors in cheesy roles before they were


The Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut

It's that time of year again. That time when the TV stations replay all of the annual Christmas movies they


Ultimate ‘Look At Me!’ In The Movies Supercut

Movie obsessed Screen Junkies sifted through a slew of famous films to point out another Hollywood cliche.  It seems writers just can't


Honest Trailer Of Man of Steel

Hollywood has rebooted and restarted so many superhero franchises over the past 15 years, it's really getting confusing.  Naturally, after


Actors Of ‘Last Vegas’ Read Viral Pop Song Lyrics

Hal Rudnick of movie-obsessed Screen Junkies had the lucky opportunity to have a chat with the four stars of the new Hollywood


Honest Trailer Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Besides for Breaking Bad, AMC's acclaimed zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead may be their second most watched show. But the popular


Honest Trailer For ‘The Matrix’

When it debuted in 1999, The Matrix changed the game of movie making and special effects. The popular sci-fi film


Honest Trailer Of Star Trek Into Darkness

The excitement over Star Trek Into Darkness has come and gone, but that's ok! That means it's time for Screen Junkies' popular Honest


Breaking Bad Honest Trailer

As the second half of season five is finally set to debut on August 11th, the buzz surrounding the popular