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Life-Size Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Made Of Balloons

Wow, this is epic! Coolest Thing tells us the story of this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex made out of lots and…

Blind People Describe Loved Ones To A Sculptor

Watch this very touching video from Cut showing some blind people visiting sculptor Pamela Mummy, who portraits people with clay…

Tandem Sculptionary w Jason Sudeikis, Kristin Chenoweth & Joe Jonas

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Joe Jonas to battle the team of Jason Sudeikis and Kristin Chenoweth in a sculpting…

Optical Illusion Sculpture On Park Ave In New York City

While walking on world famous Park Avenue in Manhattan,¬†hethandjed's "mind was blown" when they saw a huge optical illusion¬†sculpture. They…



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