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Hunting Sea Lion Herds School of Fish for a Feast

This sea lion was spotted herding a school of zebra fish near a dock at Port Lincoln in South Australia.


Sea Lion Makes Himself Comfortable On The Roof Of A Car

Melanie Sceva recoreded the proof that you should never leave your car unattended when sea lions are near. :) "A


Sea Lion Puppy Jumps Aboard Family’s Kayak

What can be a better way to spend a holiday than to go kayaking in Santa Barbara with the family? Joe


Sea Lion Swims Onto Back Of Moving Boat For A Bite Of Fish

Tony Pescho and his boating friends witnessed an amazing scene while speeding along in their speed boat. Swimming behind them was


Whale Launches Sea Lion Into The Air

The boaters of Anglers Adventures in Ketchikan, Alaska captured a rare scene of nature on camera. A desperate sea lion was hiding under their


Boy With Asperger’s Plays With Sea Lion At Aquarium

While visiting the National Zoo, one young, lonely boy found a rare friend. The seven year old featured in this video by


Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish From Fisherman’s Hands

Adventures South of the Border features fishing fun from all around the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. After two years of publishing


Sea Lion Reacts Worried When Little Girl Falls

Ariel Myren was at the National Zoo in Washington DC when she caught an amazing connection between animal and human on camera at


California Sea Lion Dances To The Beat

Ronan, the California sea lion at the Pinniped Lab at UCSC, seems to possess a very rare musical ability. Previously, science had concluded


Diver Finds Sea Lion Pup On His Kayak After He Emerges From Water

Professional diver Rick Coleman was night diving when he found an adorable surprise waiting for him on his kayak when he


Sea Lion Gets Up Close And Personal With Kayakers

While kayaking off the coast of Sonoma in Northern California, MrNeska and his friends had a close encounter with a hungry sea lion.


Woman Has Close Encounter With Baby Sea Lion On The Beach

This older video from 2009 has started to trend this Spring, and is featured on Neatorama and DailyPicksAndFlicks. While vacationing