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100 People Tell Us A Secret

Didn't they know this was gonna turn into a YouTube video?? [embed][/embed]

Joe Has A Secret

Joe is very satisfied when people like his secret coffee recipe.

This Funny Sketch Shows Rudy Mancuso’s Facetime Secrets

This great sketch about secretly cheating your facetime callers by Rudy Mancuso is trending heavily right now with already over…

PostSecret Out Loud

The Glossary is the producer of PostSecret Out Loud. The ongoing video art project takes real secrets read outloud by real…

YouTube Secrets You Need To See

BuzzFeed Video recently went viral with their enlightening video of Google Secret Easter Eggs, amassing over 2.8 million views.  But YouTube is…

Patio Transforms Into Secret Swimming Pools

This video is from 2009, but just recently resurfaced after being posted on Reddit and subsequently on YouTubeTrends. One lucky family shows off…


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