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Nailed It

21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019


Meme, Video

Clearly – She is a terrorist


These Kids Snuck Into Super Bowl 51 With Nothing But A Ladder

AndrewProductionsTV at least suggerest us that they got into the biggest sport event of the year with no tickets -


Eddie Redmayne And The Fantastic Beasts Of The TSA

The Late Late Show host James Corden had a little fun with actor Eddie Redmayne in this sketch regarding some


Arena Security Starts Dancing To Michael Jackson

Somehow this looks pretty staged to me, but you have to cut him some slack - he can dance! "The


Fan Runs On Field At Astros Game, Escapes Police

There have been so many instances when a fan runs on the field and is tackled by security. Actually, often, the audience



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