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Homeless Man Discovers Forgotten Bank Account

Right in the feels, this one. All the misery you've been through while living homeless on the streets. Only to…

Doctors Diagnose The Injuries In Home Alone

It's that time of the year again: binge-watching Home Alone season! These doctors shed some light on the injuries that…

Expiration Dates Don’t Mean What You Think

As essential as food is in our lives, the regulations are often very complicated and non-transparant. What do you think…

Hilarious Science Fails

Science, serious business. Right? Wrong! There are some retards in science too unfortunately. [embed][/embed]

Send *Something Something* Please?

As a serious news reporter you probably don't enjoy this prank. [embed][/embed]

Undercover In A Chinese iPhone Factory

A lot has already been said about the conditions in cheap labor factories, but this undercover guy gives us some…


Seriously dude! Where’d you learn to drive?

Not sure if serious – Joker

What Can We Really Make From All Those Fictional Languages?

We all know the movies or TV shows with the fictional languages like Avatar or Game of Thrones. They're subtitled,…

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Freaking Car

Scouring around other people's junkyards isn't usually considered common practice, and maybe even frowned upon. But there are great things…

Social Security Cards Explained

Social Security Cards don't seem like the most engaging of topics, but it is an important one. Why, for example,…


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