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Jacob’s Turn – Short Documentary Story Of Boy With Down’s Syndrome Playing Baseball

In Flyod Knobs, Indiana, Church and baseball are the two back bones of the community. Jacob's whole town and family play


Christine O’Donnell: Government Spends To Much Money On AIDS

Who cares about Christine O'Donnell being a witch. She's against federal money being spent on fighting AIDS. She says we


Paper Animation Of Book Going West – Books Come To Life

An epic animation made from the literal pages of the book Going West. A snippet is narrated by a deep,


Katy Griffin Talks About Gay Bullying And Suicide

More and more celebrities are opening up and talking about the epidemic of LGBT bashing going on this country. She


Tim Gunn It Gets Better Message To LGBT

Tim Gunn gives his own 'It Gets Better' message that is going viral to young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people.


Attn Gay Kids In School – It Gets Better Dan And Terry

Sadly, the stories of young LGBT children being bullied to the level that they commit suicide to stop the pain,


Obama Heckled About AIDS Funding at NY Event

President Barack Obama is heckled at an event in New York about his lack of AIDS funding and asking for


Al Franken Choked Up Retelling Story Regarding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Al Franken doesn't understand the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. We all know brave gay men and women have served


Stands Collapse At Car Race In Brazil

Hundreds of people were injured when spectator stands collapsed during a car race in Parana, Brazil. Ouch.


Middle Class Woman Tells Obama She’s Exhausted Defending Him9/20/10

At a town hall meeting, a CFO for a veteran's service organization, and a classic middle class family woman, tells


President Clinton YouTube Interview

President Bill Clinton answers citizen questions submitted by YouTube users.


Obama Skips ‘By their Creator’ Reciting Part Of Declaration of Independence – Hispanic Caucus Speech

Obama recites part of the Declaration of Independence, and leaves out, "by their Creator." He recites, "endowed with certain inalienable