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Father Storms School Bus, Confronts Daughter’s Bully

A father storms a school bus and confronts the kids who bully his daughter. Though this maybe a little extreme,


Fat Man Loses 120 Pounds Running In One Year

If you need inspiration, just watch this video. This guy was fat and depressed. He had enough with his life,


The Fighter – Trailer Starring Christian Bale And Mark Wahlberg

Based on a true story Mark Wahlberg plays a fighter who needs to win to make some money. His brother played


Tornado Brooklyn New York 9/16/10

Here is footage of tornado approaching Red Hook, South Park Slope, Brooklyn. That's scary. Tornadoes can do serious damage to


Climbing 1700 Foot Tower – World’s Scariest Job

This video was taken down, but it went so viral, many people ripped it before it was taken down. A


I Was Loving It – Anti McDonald’s Commercial – Consequences

This commercial shows a dead fat guy and his sad living love one crying over his body. He has a


Quran Set On Fire At Ground Zero – 9/11/10

On September 11, 2010, a man set fire to the pages of a Koran just feet away from Ground Zero and


Two Babies Floating In Womb – Born HIV Free Commercial

This commercial is just bizarre. Two babies floating in the womb bouncing around. If the mother gets treatment there is


Banned Australian Euthanasia Commercial

The TV station banned this commercial for Euthanasia because they claim it promotes suicide. A man terminally ill discusses his


Depressing Katy Perry Teenage Dream Parody

This song is really sad. Some how she took Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and made it super depressing about lost


Jon Stewart Post 9/11/2001 Speech

Like Jon Stewart admits, every show after 9/11 gave a speech before starting. Here is Jon Stewart's speech the day


San Bruno California Fire Amatuer Video Footage 9/9/10

Imagine coming home and seeing your entire neighborhood engulfed in flames? I feel so bad for these people. A gas