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This Is What People Searched For In 2016 On The Internet

Google just published their "Year In Search 2016" retrospect. In this two minute video we not only get to see,


Self-Driving Uber Running Red Light

This video of a self-lawbreaking Uber car is trending right now. Without any hint of hesitation it totally ignores the


Hypnotic Video Of Giant Metal Parts Being Forged Inside A Factory

May I present to you one of the recent wonders of "virality"? Maybe you just watch a bit of this


Repairing A $30,000 Damaged Giant Tire

I see why this video of a very tiny looking man (in comparision) repairing a very huge tire is interesting


These Are The Tricks Of Perpetual Motion Machines

Perpetual motion machines are the wet dream of every engineer. If you could invent one of them, the energy crisis


A Guide to Worrying

This is a parody. With a very serious message. Comedian and Youtuber exurb1a tells you to worry about your thing


Idiot Driver Has Luck As Ambulance Is There When He Crashes

No, I do not even wish idiot drivers like this example to crash, but somehow he at least doesn't have


How To Survive A Plane Crash

Yes, there are a lot of "How To" videos out there to which you can't really relate because you normally


Street Lamp Saves Woman’s Life

Portal Fakty Kaliskie posted this video of various camera directions showing us the crash of two cars at a Polish


Adam Ruins Everything: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

This time Adam Conover ruins something, nearly everybody uses: Facebook. With it's media criticism truTV already got over 300.000 views


Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With "Amazon Go" the


Watch This Super Emotional Story Of ‘Evan’

Over two million people have seen "Evan" within two days. The story of a boy who has his very own