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Car Crash, Car Standing Up In Snow 90 Degrees

The blizzard of 2011 has hit almost the entire country. On I93, In New Hampshire, there is a car accident…

Canoeing In McDonalds Austraila Flood 2011

The flooding in Milton Austraila was extreme. How bad was it? Well let's just take a boat trip through the…

Toowoomba Australia Flooding 1/10/11

The flooding in Australia is terrifying. Cars are just swept away like empty soda cans.  

Hail Storm Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is hit with weather reminiscent of the Ten Plagues. Huge baseball sized hail balls smash the ground, and make…

Man Screams: ‘We Are In The Tornado!’

Over and over again he screams, 'We are in the tornado! We are in the tornado!' I would be screaming…


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