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Bird’s Eye View Of Sheep Herding Is Mesmerizing

There's nothing special about a sheep. But a giant herd of sheep can be stunning. It's all about the perspective.


Lamb Thinks She’s A Dog

It's a similar case to Tarzan. This adorable lamb was adopted by animal lover Jemma Mackenzie at a very young age. Jemma


Angry Ram Really Doesn’t Like Punching Bag

Male sheep are called rams for a good reason. They instinctively love ramming each other and their enemies with their heads


Lamb And Baby Rhino Playing Is The Cutest

The Internet loves unlikely friendships. So it's no surprise this adorable clip by HESC Cheetah Centre of a lamb playing with a baby


Adorable Handicapped Goat Is Given A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aren't only for people anymore. When Frostie the Snow Goat came to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary he was dehydrated and full of


Sesame Street Homeland Parody

Besides for educating kids in colors and numbers, Sesame Street is well known online for their hilarious parodies of mainstream programming.  


Sheep Patiently Teaches Young Bull To Headbutt

This video by MrLive123456 was posted online nearly two years ago, but is trending now. The interesting clip of nature features what


Sheep Herd Answers Man’s Calls

The classic viral video of a poultry farmer calling to his turkeys is an online favorite. Apparently, turkeys aren't the


Lost Herd Of Sheep Invade Flower Gardern

While staying in Italy, ljrtennis and his wife had an interesting encounter with a herd of sheep. Apparently lost, the sheep strolled


Hours Old Baby Lamb Is The Cutest

Camels And Friends is a small farm run by one lucky lady. Naturally, as the name implies, there is a camel,


Deer Thinks It’s A Sheep

National Trust Charity brings this report about a deer who thinks it's a sheep. The young red deer was lost and


The Screaming Sheep

This short and slightly disturbing video was published in April by AjQ2891, but only went viral over the weekend, instantly garnering