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Spotted Lamb Adopted By Dalmatian Dog

This adorable report by the Associated Press went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 225,000 views. For a lamb…

Herd Of Sheep Circles Around Car

When people say, "don't be a sheep," they are saying don't just blindly follow the person in front of you.…

Sheep Thinks He Is A Sheep Dog

Jack was rescued as a baby lamb, and grew up with the family sheep herding dog. Now, Jack will herd the rest…

Small Chihuahua Herds Sheep

Usually Border Collies herd sheep, but this Chihuahua wants too also. The little dog herds a group of sheep like…

Crazy Sheep Video

Who's ready to never have a good night's rest again? If so, just watch this short clip. You'll have nightmares…

Bouncing Sheep Plays With Dog

For some reason, this sheep runs by bouncing on on two feet. The bouncing sheep bounces around and play with…

Puppy Dressed In Sheep Costume

Diego the puppy holds a silent protest and doesn't move. What is wrong with these type of pet owners. The…



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