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Dr. Who VS Sherlock Holmes The Musical

The musical nerds at AVbyte have taken a move right out of Epic Rap Battles of History's playbook, and have pinned…

Sherlock Holmes Sucks At Deduction

Sherlock Holmes is just so cool. The way he's able to make such outlandish guesses and deductions from the smallest…

Sherlock Season 3 The Musical

In honor of the third season of the ultra popular BBC crime drama Sherlock, the musical nerds at AVbyte created this special musical.  Thank…

Sherlock Spoils Everything

Animator and obsessed fan girl Only Leigh imagines what watching popular TV shows with Sherlock Holmes would be like in this…

Sherlock Mini-Episode Season 3 Prequel

In anticipation of season 3, the BBC has released this Sherlock mini-episode prequel, titled Many Happy Returns.  The explosively viral video has already…

Batman VS Sherlock Holmes Epic Rap Battles Of History

Internet favorite Epic Rap Battles of History has finally returned with their latest episode. For this rhyming war, they pin Gotham's billionaire…


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