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Shia LaBeouf Freestyles 5 Fingers of Death with Oswin Benjamin

Did you know that actor Shia LaBeouf also can rap? And I don't mean some old Salt'n'Pepper hits - he


Adorable Three Year Old Parodies Shia LeBouf Speech

Remember when actor Shia LeBouf went viral a month ago after footage from a unique motivational speech began to spread


Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speech Auto Tune Music Video

People are still posting parodies and spoofs online ever since a short film of Shia LaBeouf giving an extended motivational


Man Confronts Shia LaBeouf On His Balcony

Viewers were absolutely tickled when a short film featuring Shia LaBeouf giving a motivational speech in front of a green screen went viral


Shia LaBeouf Gives The Most Motivating TED Talk Ever

A month ago, Rönkkö / Turner and actor Shia LaBeouf published this strange short film, titled #INTRODUCTIONS, in which Shia gives a half hour


Shia LaBeouf Live

Singer and songwriter Rob Cantor put together one of his greatest pieces yet, strangely and simply called Shia LaBeouf. That's right, as in the Hollywood


Shia LaBeouf Retells The Story Of His Arrest At Cabaret Broadway Show

In case you forgot or didn't hear, actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in June for disturbing the Broadway play Cabaret. Now that the


Shia LaBeouf Staring At Motorcyclist In Burbank

Philipjcaputo has gone viral over the weekend with this funny and short video. While motorbiking down Burbank, the biker came to


Selena Gomez Meets Shia Labeouf

Selena Gomez was surprised by her friends and accidently walked in on her crush Shia Lebeouf. She thought she was