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Little Boy Demonstrates His Cool Shoe Tying Trick

If you want to be the coolest kid in Kindergarten / school / the office - learn this epic shoe


Red Hot 1000 Degree Knife Vs Shoe & More

This whole red hot knife thing does to be a huge trend right now. Even Dave Hax does his thing


Nike Finally Releases First Look At Power Lacing Sneaker

In 2015, the year Marty McFly traveled to the future from 1985, Nike announced that they would be releasing shoes


Michael J. Fox Models The First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

One reason why Back To The Future is so popular with people of all ages is because it did such a


Avid Runner Reviews $16 Running Shoes From Walmart

Frank the Running Shoes Guru takes his name very seriously. He avidly runs ten or more miles everyday. He regularly reviews high


Man Demonstrates What The Extra Holes On Sneakers Are For

Most people simply ignore the extra holes on the top of their shoes and just tie them up. But there's


Dress Shoe Repair Is Oddly Satisfying

Most people today buy cheap shoes made in the third world and simply throw them away once the soles get worn out.


How Louis Vuitton Men’s Shoes Are Made

Louis Vuitton is a brand internationally recognized for craftsmanship and style. They don't just churn out men's dress shoes like Nikes. They


DC Shoes Presents Gymkhana Four Commercial

DC and Rally Driver Ken Block present Gymkhana Four. This extra long commercial is full of explosions, sweet Ford drifting,


Show Museum Has 2,000 Pairs Of Shoes

Now you can never complain that your significant other has too many shoes. Just check out this shoe museum, or


Mariah Carey Slips, Falls At Singapore Grand Prix 2010, 9/26/10 – Make it Happen

Mariah Carey trips over her $10,000 shoes but recovers quickly. She has a crew of men take off her shoes, while


REAL Power Laces Shoes 2.0 Inspired By Back To The Future: 2

We've all seen the movie, and we all thought those Nike's Marty puts on in 2015 are awesome. Well power