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If Marty McFly Had Today’s Hoverboard

Why do they keep calling it a hoverboard when it's neither a board nor does it hover?! Most people online


Worst Wifi Password Ever

We've all been there before. We're at our friend's house and we want to save some data on our cell


I’m A Creepy Short Film Demonstrates Just How Hard It Is For A Guy To Approach A Girl

Most people assume that it's no big deal for a guy to approach a girl he thinks is cute and


Darth Santa Is Worse Than The Grinch

Everyone loves Santa Claus. What's not to love? For just a few cookies and a glass of milk you get


Macaulay Culkin Returns As A Much Older And Very Neurotic Kevin McCallister

One of the most popular movies to watch around Christmas time is Home Alone. After 25 long years, Macaulay Culkin has returned


City In Australia Is Entirely Underground

The Australian town of Coober Pedy takes the concept of 'down under' very seriously and is actually fit for a sci-fi


Simple Animations Battle In Minecraft

Alan Becker is the famous creator of the Animation VS Animator series. You know, the cartoon of a simple stick man


Sainsbury’s 2015 Christmas Commercial

Every year, British grocery store Sainsbury's goes viral with a touching short film in honor of the holidays. This year is no


Metroid: The Sky Calls Fan Made Short Film

Nintendo has countless famous franchises, but there is one that sticks out different than the rest. Metroid has no magic


Waiting For That Movie

We've all been there before. A big movie studio announces a new film that looks incredible. But the debut date is


Fan Merges Family Guy With Harry Potter

Patrick McCarthy is an up and coming animator. Naturally, he's a huge fan of cartoons like Family Guy. That got him


Animator Makes His Own South Park Short Film

Animator Patrick McCarthy wants nothing more than to work as an animator for a TV show, especially one like South Park. So he