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T-Rex Tries To Go Shovel Snow In A Blizzard

Leslie Haasch got in a T-Rex suit and outside to do a little snow shoveling. At least she tried. But


Dance The Snow Shoveler Bhangra!

If you quickly get bored shoveling snow, do it like these men from the Maritime Bhangra Group. Maybe you aren't

Awesome 3-String Shovel Guitar

Justin Johnson cranks up this 3-string shovel guitar made by Mississippi Blues Guitars. And it sounds really cool! via: metafilter


Smart Dog Helps With The Shoveling

Dogs are great with helping out around the house. With proper training, a dog can be taught to fetch the


Sledding On A Shovel Down Steep Hill

This outrageous sledding video has been passed around the web so much, it is difficult to pinpoint the original author.


Huge Bucket Of Water Literally Smashes Car

They say even drops of water can eventually break through rock, but what about a huge shovel holding tons of