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What is a Metal Print?

4 August, 2021



Ellen And Heide Klum Pull Of A Sia-Performance

Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as singer Sia for Halloween and got a little help by German model Heidi Klum as…

Man Recreates ‘Chandelier’ By Sia After Losing Bet

Fantasy football may just seem like a game to the outside viewer, but it is a very serious affair. Chuck…

Jim Carrey Dances To Sia’s Chandelier On SNL

Most other late night shows have poked fun at Sia's Chandelier music video where little¬†Maddie Ziegler dances to the song…

Christina Grimmie Covers Titanium On Piano

Christina Grimmie is a YouTube favorite for obvious reasons. Viewers often prefer her pop music covers to the originals. Her…



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