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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019

Nailed It

21 August, 2019



When You Can’t Find Your Ringing Phone

I'm sure we all recognise the hasty feeling of being called, but your phone is nowhere to be seen. What


Helium Opera Singing

People still get amazed and surprised by the sound you produce when helium is involved. Don't ask me the scientific


Minivan Snowplow Now Has Wings

While I don't want to say everyone needs to have a minivan, as it is super handy, I think everyone


10 Epic Weddings Inspired By Disney Movies

The best way to show you're the ultimate Disney fan you ask? Well, look no further. How about arranging the


Sit Still I’m Trying To Read!

I don't care, just give me some attentions! Just one attentions, or maybe two! That's all I ask for you


BBC Reporter Mobbed By Lemurs

Reporting on location is harder than ever. Danger in looming on every corner, and even in nature nowadays criminals are


Darth Penguin

Penguins are of great use when you need to calm your nerves. Just watch them wiggle about for a few


Getting Nails Done

Did you know parrots have very strict cultural beliefs about beauty? In a way, they're very similar to us. Take


How To Wrap Your Cat

Gift-wrapping is no joke. It's difficult and tedious and important. And it can be fun, when done right. This tutorial


What If Cats Could Buy And Sell Real Estate

Who would've thought cats would clog the housing market even more? Because, obviously, Cat Law states that cats can legally


Smuggling Your Own Food Into Cinemas Like A Pro

Okay, so you've gotten past the entrance and ticket control, now what? How are you going to eat the delicious


A Guitar For One Measly Dollar?

Well, to be fair, the sizing is something you'll have to get used to. But apart from that, the thing



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