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If Tampon Ads Were Honest

Tampon ads always make it sound like┬áthat period is supposed to be one big party. Well, guess what, silly advertisers…

Queen Baby The Food Critic

Don't you hate people who have something to criticise on everything you put in front of them? Well, in this…

Three Generations Smoke Weed

Ever smoked weed with your grandma? Chances are it's a big hit! Group hugs, love and real talk all around.…

What Life In An Isolation Room Looks Like

Ever been by yourself for one hour? Probably. No big deal. But what if everything that you could set your…

Lucas The Spider

This is Lucas. Lucas has a lot of eyes. Sometimes he doesn't know what to do with so many eyes.…

Pretending To Be Klay Thompson

With those looks? How hard can it be? [embed][/embed]

My Sweet Jax

A very loving and touching tribute to a cat. [embed][/embed]

Why Does Mario Have A Mustache?

Or did you think Mario just decided to stop shaving one day? [embed][/embed]

Orphaned Elephant Won’t Share Bottle With Giraffe Pal

Once in an orphan you have to make sure to get your fair share. [embed][/embed]

How To Fill An Awkward Amount Of Time

The perfect place to kill just a little awkward amount of time. It's pretty weird. [embed][/embed]

Phone Alarm Robot

Hate to be waked up by your alarm?! Instead of not setting it, try this revolutionary robot! [embed][/embed]

Random People Will Agree To Anything

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to come up with something silly to prove that people will agree to anything when…


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