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The Sun Is Just Another Lightbulb

How many construction workers does it take to replace a lightbulb?

Dog Advertising A Burger Bar In China

Does he even now his friends are on the menu there?! [embed][/embed]

Relaxing Horror Massage

How to chase away a cute girl that wants to sit next to you.

Why Time Travel Wouldn’t Work For Everyone

Time travel is definitely something I see myself doing anytime soon, but it's not for everyone... [embed][/embed]

Stupid Chicken

You don't become a chicken because you're so smart. [embed][/embed]

How Are Pandas Still Not Extinct?

I love 'em and all, but they are soooo dumb and lazy! [embed][/embed]

What If Millenials…

Everyone has an opinion about millenials these days, but what are they doing wrong exactly? [embed][/embed]

Have You Met Steve Yet?

This is Steve and Steve likes to live on the wild side of life. [embed][/embed]

Send *Something Something* Please?

As a serious news reporter you probably don't enjoy this prank. [embed][/embed]

Overly Dramatic People Are Living Click Bait

This compilation of overly dramatic people shows how much they love drama. Or is there something else going on? [embed][/embed]

What Nickelodeon Slime Is Made Of

Nickelodeon slime, who doesn't know it? The silly green stuff might not be as innocent as you think. [embed][/embed]

She’s Had It Up Till Here With Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, either hate him or love him. This woman hates him, but has to remain serious and professional. Her…


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