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Sylvain Chomet Creates French Style Simpsons Couch Gag

Oscar-nominated French director Sylvain Chomet is the latest guest to create a Simpsons couch gag.  The animated short was published online by Fox's


Impressionist Covers 33 Simpsons Impressions In 5 Minutes

YouTube impressionist Brock Baker has covered South Park in the past. Now, he's turned his attention to television's original 'vulgar' cartoon,


What The Simpsons Sound Like In Other Countries

The Simpsons aren't only popular in America. The quintessential American family is famous around the world. Have you ever wondered


The Simpsons Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki

This new clip from the long running animated sitcom The Simpsons has gone viral. Posted on Fox's Animation Domination YouTube channel,


Simpsons Musical Symphony Couch Gag Introduction

Fox's Animation Domination just published the latest trending Simpsons 'couch gag' introduction.  In the extended intro, all the famous Simpsons characters


The Hobbit Themed Simpsons Introduction Couch Gag

Four weeks ago, The Simpsons exploded online with their horror-themed 'couch gag' introduction created by Mexican film director and ‘horror


10 Facts About The Simpsons

Popular list channel All Time 10s has turned its attention to the longest running scripted prime-time show on television: The Simpsons.


Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXIV Couch Gag

Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and 'horror master' Guillermo del Toro had the honor of creating this title sequence, often referred


The Homer Car

Fans of classic Simpsons episodes from the 90's will remember The Homer well, the car created from the ground up


Ultimate “Hi, I’m Troy McClure, You May Remember Me From…” Super Cut

Before bacon pancakes and even before Cartman was the original Simpsons. Troy McClure, voiced by fan favorite Phil Hartman, was one


Robot Chicken Simpsons Couch Gag

Somethings will never get old. Case in point, The Simpsons on FOX. One of the longest running sitcoms on television also


Breaking Bad Simpsons Couch Gag Introduction

The Simpsons introductory couch gag is one of the most famous parts of the long running animated show. For their