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Ren And Stimpy Creator John K. Makes Simpsons Intro Couch Scene

John Kricfalusi is a famous animator, most famed for creating the ridiculous 90's cartoon, Ren and Stimpy. John was just


Breaking Bad Ned Flanders Mash Up

Not only does Ned Flanders look like Walter White from the hit TV show Breaking Bad, but before Walter 'loses


Apollo 13 Trailer Simpsons Mash up

Any true Simpsons fan remembers the classic episode, Deep Space Homer, when Homer goes up to space in a NASA shuttle.


LED Video Coat Plays The Simpsons

If you had an ultra high tech LED video jacket, what would you play on it to show the world?


Smithers Love Rap Song To Mr. Burns

Famous YouTuber, Ray William Johnson, stars in this rap song about Smithers from The Simpsons. Smithers has always secretly loved


Simpsons Medley Compilation

Freddie25, the guy who brought us the classic cartoon medley has released his newest medley. He performs a mix of all


Homer Simpson On Charlie Sheen

Way before the huge Charlie Sheen scandal, Homer Simpson gave his two cents on The Simpsons. He knew even back


Simpsons Big Lebowski Bowling Scene Mash Up

This video maybe older, but it's picking up. The classic scene in the Big Lebowski when the Dude, Walter, and


Mark Zuckerberg On The Simpson’s

Lisa tries to get Mark Zuckerberg to tell Nelson that school is important, but he just says he dropped out,