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Britney Spears Carpools With James Corden

For almost two decades now, Britney Spears has captivated audiences with her pop music and stunning looks. So it's no…

James Bond VS Austin Powers Epic Rap Battle

James Bond is probably the most famous spy in the world. For decades now, he's been known as the slick, sexy…

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag The Musical

Popular musical group AVbyte has teamed up with parkour master Richie Rodriquez to produce this stunning new video fixated on the acclaimed…

Jacob Collier Covers ‘Don’t You Worry About A Thing’ By Himself

British musician and vocalist Jacob Collier has gone viral with his impressive cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, Don't You Worry About A…

Still Got A Crush On Obama Music Video

The hype and excitement surrounding the president has seriously faltered since 2008, and his Republican opponents are making sure everyone…

Russian Man Sounds Just Like Kurt Cobain

This video from Russia, published in January, has started to trend again now, and is featured on HyperVocal, msnNOW, and…

USA Olympic Swimming Team Call Me Maybe Music Video

It's horribly unoriginal, but Team USA fans don't care. They love the USA Swimming Team specially made Call Me Maybe dance video…



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