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Ambulance Siren Playing ‘Final Countdown’

I am not yet sure what to think about this monstrosity of irony. An ambulance playing "final countdown" on it's…

Dog Adorably Fails At Siren Howl

An adorable video of a dog answering a siren with a howl just recently went viral with over 700,000 views.…

Dog Adorably Imitates Siren

Dogs often howl back when they hear a siren, but few can imitate the noise very well.  Chinese YouTuber Yamato Suzuki's…

Dog Howls Along With Fire Truck Siren

There no question that wolves and dogs howl to communicate in some form. Often, even the smallest pup will let…

Dog Howls With Firetruck Sirens

 Whenever emergency vehicles drive by, Eskie, the American Eskimo howls along with the sirens. She probably thinks they are howling…


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