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Six Year Old Drummer Plays ‘Hot For Teacher’

Van Halen's classic rock single Hot For Teacher has one of the most famous and distinctive drumming of any rock song. Just a few


Boy Tells McDonald’s Story With Gangsta Voice Dubbed Over

NSFW Warning - language! Maximus Thor just went viralviral after being featured on Reddit. The six year old's uncle likes to


Conservative 6 Year Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT To Vote For Obama

The Patriot Update Report says that six year old Isaac Anthony is a true conservative. Though he is young, he knows the complex political


Little Boy Completes Cinnamon Challenge

This video from 2010 went years almost completely unseen until suddenly going viral recently, being viewed more than 500,000 times


Boy Cries That NY Jets Lost And Won’t Make It To The Playoffs

Kids really take sports seriously, and every sports season there are parents who record their kids crying over their team


Six Year Old Breaks Down After Disneyland Surprise

For many kids, a trip to Disneyland is the epitome of fun and happiness. But most kids can't go and are