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Sick Skateboard Trick By Luan Oliveira

Skateboarding pro Luan Oliveira uploaded this tiny bit of a future video edit, showing him make a huge trick on


Miniature Half Pipe With Automatically Shredding Skaters

If you ever happen to visit Hamburg, you totally should stop by the Miniatur Wunderland. Two brothers have built an


How To Make A Skateboard From Toilet Paper

Beyond The Press uses a hydraulic press to turn a bunch of toilet paper rolls into a skateboard deck. It


Epic Rap Battles Of History: Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky

The newest issue of Epic Rap Battles Of History features two sports legends of our time: skateboarder Tony Hawk and


Kickflipping A Glass Skateboard With Glass Wheels

After a test with a "normal" glass skateboard and the latest bullet proof one, Braille Skateboarding this time doubles the


Marcelo Lusardi Is Blind And Does Skateboard Anyway

You just have to admire the passion of Marcelo Lusardi! He is blind but can better skateboard than me. Okay,


Riding A Skateboard Made Of Pure Concrete

Louis Weisz did probably make the heaviest skateboard on earth. At least until the guys from Braille Skateboarding test whether



I don't even know... how to... write-pronounce this. Just watch (and listen) to the real Cow-Boy! "Beautiful." If you want


Isamu Yamamoto on Free Skates

This looks pretty cool! At least, when someone as talented as skateboarding wonderkid Isamu Yamamoto is on them. Free Skates


Riding a Skateboard Made of LEGO

Braille Skateboarding did it again. After Stilts and bullet proof glass they went with the plastic option. Peter Brown put

Skateboarding on Stilts

A skateboard with stilts - why not? Okay, lots of arguments against that are popping up but it at least

Bullet Proof Glass Skateboard

Zack from Invizaboard did send the guys from Braille Skateboarding a board made of bullet proof glass. And because of