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This Funny Sketch Shows Rudy Mancuso’s Facetime Secrets

This great sketch about secretly cheating your facetime callers by Rudy Mancuso is trending heavily right now with already over


Villain Unintentionally Always Does Helpful Things

Neat little sketch by ProZD who presents to us the best villain there is - and got over 1.3 million


When You Get Caught Groundhog Daying

Very funny and fast paced new sketch by Chris & Jack who find themselves somehow in a never ending loop...


Sketch About Doing Dirty Things While Home Alone

Grant Redmond and Cody Tidmore aka Grant & Cody present us "Sticky", a filthy but SFW short sketch about a


17 Ways To Dump Your Girlfriend

A new fantastic sketch by TomSka, this time with a little help of Dodie 'doddleoddle' Clark. Maybe not all of


Are Dogs Practice Babies?

In this sketch College Humor makes something already known the subject of their video: dogs as a baby replacement. This


Rudy Mancuso Is The Funny Musical Doctor

This video parody by Rudy Mancuso went viral yesterday with over 900,000 views on it's first day being online. "Watch


If Santa Was A Jerk To The Stranger Things Kids

Superwoman got to shoot with the awesome kids from the awesome tv show "Stranger Things". That would be enough to


Fantastic Holidays And How To Explain Them

This new animated comedy bit by OnlyLeigh is trending right now. Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez get "Fantastic Beasts And


Hilarious Secret Santa Sketch By TomSka

This new sketch by YouTuber TomSka got viral instantly with already over 300,000 views. And that has it's very own


Watch This Heartful Touchdown By Grant A Wish Kid Tommy

If you are in need of an emotional story - your search is over! Nine-year-old Tommy Douglas is granted his


Getting Comfortable At The Movies

A silly little sketch by College Humor about people who make themselve a little too much at home at the