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The World’s Longest Ski Jump Is Impressive

Stefan Kraft broke the world record of the world’s longest ski jump. We must admit we never really follow this sport,


Skier Accidentally Drives Off Of A Cliff And Films The Whole Thing

Devin Stratton fell off of an unmarked 150-foot cliff in the backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah - and


Look Behind The Scenes Of Candide Thovex’ Epic Freeski Commercial Without Snow

Candide Thovex is such a pro - he doesn't even need snow to ski! The freeski legend did a pretty


Driving Ski Towed By A Car In Raleigh

A recent snow day in Raleigh brought a keen man onto the idea to drive a little ski through the


2 Year Old Skiing His First Powder Day

This recent video by TheHowtoDad got viral, showing his 2 year old having his first contact with powder snow by


KUTV Reporter Passes Out And Falls On Air, Finishes Segment Anyways

KUTV 2 News reporter Brooke Graham is a true professional.  Just as she was beginning a segment on cross country skiing


30 Skiers Back Flip Together In Quebec

Quebec ski mountain and resort Mont Saint Sauveuris is sadly closing for the season. To welcome Spring and close out the


Brave 4th Grader Takes On First Ski Jump

First times are always scary. Sometimes, it helps to psych yourself up. 'You can do this, you can do this...'


Avalanche Destroys Ski Lift In France

Besides for running into a tree, or having a serious fall, one of the most serious dangers for a skier


Skiing Through A Canadian Blizzard

It's been a relatively mild winter in America so far, but it seems that could all change. FernieAlpineResort in Canada right above Montana