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Slidin’ In The DM’s Like

There are few who master the art of slidin' smoothly in the DM's, but this dude brings his A-game... [embed][/embed]


Make Your Own Buttered Side Down Toaster

DIY experiment here guys. If you've always wanted to make your own toaster, this video is here to guide you


Construction Work Level 9000

We don't need machines or automation, we got each other.


How To Husk A Coconut

Husking a coconut is a handy skill, for you ever get stuck on an island by yourself, so pay attention!


This Guy Is The Claw Machine’s Final Boss

Everyone is entitled to their own hobby. If that hobby gives you access to enough stuffed animals for a dozen


Mike Boyd Shows Off His Learned Skills Of 2016

Another best of, but I have to show you this. I can't endorse you enough to subscribe to Mike Boyd's


NBA Pro Throws Free Throws Like A Child

Maybe it happened to you already, that you were new to a sport and didn't quite handle the "professional" way


Stunning Card Illusions By Zach Mueller

Kuma Films visited Zach Mueller to catch some of his "California Caristry". His original tricks and illusions in this video


Never Ending Spinning Pillow

I imagine this guy having a job interview. "Under 'talents' you wrote 'pillow spinning' - what do you mean by


4-Year-Old Speaks 7 Languages

Bella from Moscow demonstrates her unique skill of speaking several languages. She easily speaks Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese