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Skittles’ ‘Romance’ Super Bowl 51 Commercial

Commercial season has begun! In smelling distance of the upcoming Super Bowl all those creative and unique ads are going…

Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles on EVINE Live

Home shopping television networks all seem to follow the same setup and formula. As a fun gag, NFL star and SKITTLES lover Marshawn…

Marshawn Lynch Has A Press Conference With Skittles

Seahawks running back star Marshawn Lynch has become known as the NFL star who doesn't like to talk to the media.…

Skittles Sorting Machine

This video was originally published last March, but it only went viral now over the weekend after being covered by…

Crazy Skittles Dancing

Nathan Barnatt is an Internet favorite for playing his funny, weird guy Trale Lewous character. He's become such a hit, Skittles…

Skittles Policeman Cage Commercial

Even though they are so weird, people just love Skittles' crazy commercials. Again, you are prompted to put your finger…

Weird Cat Licking Finger Skittles Commercial

Skittles is famous for their strange commercials. But that's how you go viral right? This one takes the cake. The…



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