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Rescuing a Skunk From a Coke Can

YouTuber SkeptiSketch describes this act of kindness as "The bravest thing I've ever done" and got rewarded with over 3…

Spraying Skunk Prank

Now that it's finally getting warmer outside, the pranksters are again out and about messing with the public. YouTube famous…

Wildlife Caretaker Pranks News Anchors

Hosting animal experts has been a classic segment on morning and late night talk shows for decades. KMTV Action 3 News invited…

Spraying Skunk Prank At The Beach

Roman Atwood and his buddy Dennis Roady traveled to the beach to execute their devious Spraying Skunk Prank. With a fake pet skunk in…

Zookeeper Pranks Crowd With Spraying Skunk Prank

Most people go to the zoo to see exotic and exciting animals, not ones that are often found rummaging through…



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