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Meteor Falls Across the Australian Sky

Meteor Falls Across the Australian Sky

[rumble][/rumble] This is dashcam footage of a meteor captured while driving in Eatons Hill, Queensland, Australia More

Sky Glows Blue During Meteor Shower

Glowing Blue Sky During Meteor Shower What an amazing video we have for you today! This is a must see…

Huge Flames Light Up the Night

Huge Flames Light Up the Night This video captured huge flames at a distance filling the night sky with orange…

NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Hue

Transformer Explosion in NYC Explosion Turns Sky Blue Who knew that an accident could create something so beautiful! This is…

Timelapse Of A Smog Wave Hitting Beijing

This is kind of scary and devistating. Chas Pope uploaded this video of a smog wave hitting the city of…

Single Biggest Firework Ever (World Record)

On the evening of September 3, 2016 they did celebrate Malta’s Feast of St. Catherine on the island - and…

If The Moon Was Replaced With Other Planets

Have you ever wondered what the our skyline would look like if the Moon was replaced with a planet from…

Crazy Orange Sky In Upper Michigan

Jason Asselin who lives in upper Michigan witnessed an extremely rare meteorological event. The sky suddenly turned yellow and then a distinct…


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