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The Skype Prank Is Your Worst Nightmare

Imagine you're alone having an important job interview online and you see someone break into the room of your interviewer while…

Two Girls Missing Their Left Hand Are Best Friends Through Skype

Sarah and Paige live across the world, but have one thing in common. They both were born missing their left…

YouTuber Skypes With People Around The World

With the help of technology, the world has been shrinking for more than a century. Internet tools such as Skype…

Dog Howls At Dog Video A La Skype

Ali Wasel's wire haired fox terrier Gaytor loves to 'talk' with other dogs. So when he's been a good boy, she'll…

Skype For Android Phone

Now all that Apple Face Time talk seems like rubbish. Skype away for cheap to your friends all over the globe…



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