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Daredevils Walks Over Extended Cranes From One Building To Another

Another extreme video by James Kingston who takes us up in the air onto some extended cranes - and a


Daring Parkour Runner Jumping Along Edge Of Skyscraper Will Make Your Palms Sweaty

The Internet has seen parkour. But they haven't seen anything like this. This darking parkour runner literally runs on the


Daredevils Climb Skyscraper In Shenzhen, China

The daredevils of On The Roofs went viral over a year ago when they climbed a 650 meter tall tower in


Daredevils Jump From World’s Second Highest Residential Structure In Dubai

For most people, free falling off of a skyscraper is the very definition of a nightmare. But for daredevils and


Selfie From Top Of Hong Kong Skyscraper Will Terrify You

Are you scared of heights? Then you best not watch this chilling viral video. Frank Wu posted this terrifying selfie video taken by Daniel


What It’s Like To Be A Window Cleaner In New York City

In the land of the skyscrapers, there are a lot of windows. And someone has to clean them up. One


Demi Lovato Skyscraper Cover

Sometimes, when people try to push you down, you have to stand up even taller and stronger. That's how Morgan feels,