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The Internet Arguer

The Internet is a great place where people can connect from around the world, communicate, and learn. But there's a


How To Make A Superhero Movie In 10 Steps

For over a decade now, Hollywood has been pummeling the public with superhero movies, and laughing all the way to


Buddy Cops In The Movies Montage

NSFW Warning Language Hollywood loves telling stories of police partners who start off hating each other only to grow into


Derpy Star Wars Trailer

Last week, a new blooper reel from the classic Star Wars movie was leaked, and quickly went viral. The video


Just A Cat In Horror Movies Supercut

Eerie suspense followed by a cat bursting out from the darkness is one of the most cliche horror movie gimmicks.


SNL Actors Breaking Character Compilation

SNL used to be the pinnacle of weekend entertainment. There's just something about live comedy that makes the timeless show


Best TV Show Fake Websites Compilation

As the Internet has slowly crept into the mainstream, more and more Internet-related scenes have been appearing on TV. But


Ultimate Jurassic Park Star Wars Mash Up

One Minute Galactica teamed up with Slacktory to publish this uber nerdy Star Wars vs Jurassic Park mash up. Thinking outside of the box,


Training Montage Montage

It's a new year full of new hopes and possibilities. So it's time to get pumped up. Thankfully, movie obsessed


Dramatically Looking Up To The Sky In Movies Compilation

Slacktory is back, this time with another great compilation.  Every movie uses it. It's that dramatic scene when the character we've