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Cat Goes To Bed

Cat is tired of it all and makes a great show of going to bed. [embed][/embed]

All Kittens Want Is To Sleep

The daily struggle as a cat is real, so when you can get a nap in... You nap. Or you…

It’s Alive

Please let me sleep while I still can.

The Portable Mattras For Infinite Naps

Naps are good. So why not make it so that we can nap anywhere, all the time? This funny girl…


Busy day ahead, with countless hours of sleeping.

Sea Lion Makes Himself Comfortable On The Roof Of A Car

Melanie Sceva recoreded the proof that you should never leave your car unattended when sea lions are near. :) "A…

Waking Up A Dog With It’s Own Snoring

Tal Solomon had sweet revenge on his little dog that is always snoring when he sleeps. To wake him up…

This Guy Recorded What He Said While Sleeping Over The Year

"The Somniloquist" by Adam Rosenberg has gathered over 160,000 views within days. And he kind of got this views while…

Massaging A Hedgehog

Let's add a little fluff, shall we? Watch this cute hedgehog nearly falling asleep by getting a little massage. The…

Man Gets Back At Cat By Waking Her With A Loud MEOW

Nick T's "Vengeance Meow" seems to hit a nerve with all those thousands of cat holders who get waken up…

The Funny Ways That Animals Sleep

Every living being needs to rest or sleep in some way or another. Many sleep just like we do, but…

Sleepy Dog Whines At The Sounds Of Alarm Clock

Everyone hates the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. Especially this adorable dog Oscar the Vizsla. When the…


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