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Canadian Christmas Driveway Ice Hysterics

Caroline Charter witnessed and uploaded this very funny encounter between old people lacking balance and slippery ice. An entertaining mixture,…

Guy Keeps Slipping When Putting The Trash Out On Icy Street

The town where Je Kop lives was recently covered in a wintry, icy storm. Now, everything is covered in a film of…

Waffles The Cat Slips On Ice And Fails Jump

Cats are agile, lithe, and graceful creatures. Except when snow and ice are involved.  Waffles the cat demonstrates this fact…

Bernie’s Embarrassing Double Fail At Work

Mondays. Bernard Murphy knows something about Mondays. While helping a customer in the shop, the security camera caught his embarrassing double…

Guy Running On Dock Slides Into Guardrail, Flips Over Into Lake Fail

Fail videos have become so common online, no single video sticks out. At least that's usually the case. Every now…


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