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Girl Dying To Meet A Sloth… Meets A Sloth

Her obsession with sloths almost took over her life, so her friend thought setting up a meeting would calm things…

Cutest Baby Sloth EVER!

A very cute found by Brave Wilderness that got over 600,000 views after hours being online. "In this segment of…

7 Deadly Sins by Studio C

The people from Studio C MIGHT have a favorite one. Maybe you can guess which one it is... The got…

A Sloth’s Search For Love – Planet Earth II

After you got to see the super intense "f(l)ight" featuring iguana and snakes, we get a lot more chilled with…


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Squeaking Baby Sloths Are The Cutest

"Is there anything cuter than a squeaking sloth?" asks sloth obsessed¬†SlothvilleTV. Maybe, but you're gonna have a difficult time finding…

Mr Sloth

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