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Creepy Sloth

Sloth Attack

This short, yet very sweet, video was posted on YouTube by Rowan Hartgroves way back in May. It has suddenly gone…

True Facts About Sloths

Eccentric online personality ZeFrank is continuing his hilarious, and very successful, True Facts series. After publishing viral hits, like True Facts…

Photobombed by a sloth

Baby Sloth Gets Onesie Treatment

DiscoveryTV brings us this adorable week-old clip that already have over 500,000 views, and is shared on BoingBoing. Sloth specialist Judy…

Kristen Bell Breaks Down Over Sloth Surprise

Kristen Bell has always loved sloths, but the slow moving jungle animal is hard to come by in America. Knowing…

Baby Sloth Yawning And Sleeping

There's nothing cuter than baby animals. But a sloth is even extra cuter, because every action seems that much slower.…

Sloth Crosses The Street I Can Fly Remix

The three toed sloth who crossed the road went viral a while ago. A person wanted to help the sloth,…

Sloth Crosses The Road

In just a couple days, this video has erupted with over 150,000 hits. A three toed slot slowly crosses a…


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