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Slow Motion Pekingese Puppy

Slow Motion Pekingese Puppy

[rumble][/rumble] Everyone needs to see a Pekingese running in slow motion.Your welcome. More

Slow Motion Splash Pad Wildness

Slow Motion Splash Pad Wildness

[rumble][/rumble] My daughter was at the splash pad going crazy over the water. Filmed in slow motion. More

Slow Mo Belly Flop

Did you ever jump in the water the wrong way? What's the wrong way you ask? Well, you know, as…

The Slow Motion Wrecking Ball

A wrecking ball creates a beautiful path of destruction, so it makes a lot of sense for the Slow Mo…

People Watch Birth For The First Time

This is the first time these people watch birth, and their reactions are insane. The slow motion, the classical music,…

Trick Shot

When your feet don't listen to what your brain has to offer.

Crushed By A Giant Water Balloon

Getting crushed by a giant water balloon makes for an awesome video regardless, but of course the Slo Mo Guys…

Trapped in One Thousand Mousetraps (Slow Motion Footage)

It takes some balls of steel to voluntarily dive into one thousand mousetraps, but at least the slow motion footage…

A Drone Equipped With Razor Blades Is A Special Kind Of… Kitchen Tool?

We can think of all kinds of stuff to do with such a device, but cutting fruit isn't directly one…

A Lot Happens In This Slow Motion Video

This video is very well thought out, so we reckon it deserves some credit. A lot happens at once, but…

1200°C Molten Copper In Slow Motion

Wow, this is really special. The Slow Mo Guys got their hands on some molten copper - and a high…

Exploding Batteries In Extreme Slow Motion

Another splendid visual by The Slow Mo Guys who already got over a million views on this. "Gav and Dan…


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