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Techno Windows Phone Commercial – We Love WP7

When did commercials stop saying what the product does and can do, and started just flashing craziness everywhere? Microsoft begins…

No One In Line For Verizon iPhone At Apple Store Opening

When the iPhone 4 first launched there were lines stretching far, and it was an exciting nerd event. This is…

Verizon iPhone Commercial

It's coming! Finally! Apple fan boys and girls rejoice. The iPhone is finally available on the Verizon Wireless network.

Grocery Store Robbery Interactive Story

A nerd, hot chick, grandma, fan, and fat guy are all at a local convenience store when two masked men…

Google Goggle Solves Sudoku

With your smart phone camera, you can execute the new Google Goggles. It literally reads with the camera and can…

Windows 7 Commercial – The Future of Technology, Lost Generation Parody

Microsoft copies a classic viral video of the Lost Generation. Reading it on the way down it's a negative message,…

3D iPhone Extension i3DG

The Palm Top Theater i3DG is a simple analog device attacked to an iPhone that uses mirrors to create a…

Android, Windows 7, iPhone Grilled

Only in America we burn expensive, and also toxic consumer electronics just for kicks. Which smart phone will die first…

Skype For Android Phone

Now all that Apple Face Time┬átalk seems like rubbish. Skype away for cheap to your friends all over the globe…



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