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Epic Handheld Tesla Coil Gun At 28,000fps

Wow, this looks amazing! Smarter Every Day show us some electrifying images of a handheld tesla gun. With the fancy


Shooting A Watermelon With A Potato Gun

A potato might seem like a nothing that serious, but add some crazy air pressure and that humble potato becomes a


The Archer’s Paradox Explained

Back in the day, archers were an integral part of any army. But once guns were invented, the skill of


Amazing Archery Shots In Slow Motion

Dustin of Smarter Every Day met one of the most amazing archers in the world. Byron Ferguson isn't world famous or anything,


Tattooing Close Up In Slow Motion Is Crazy

Destin of Smarter Every Day loves learning, and wanted to know more about the tattooing experience. While visiting a tattoo parlor, he


Awesome Fountain In Chicago Leverages Laminar Flow

Destin of Smarter Every Day was shopping at a mall in Chicago when he stumbled upon an 'awesome' fountain by the


Mantis Shrimp Punching In Slow Motion Will Blow Your Mind

Dustin of Smarter Every Day took a trip to James Cook University in Australia to see the amazing Mantis Shrimp in action. The


Jellyfish Stinging In Microscopic Slow Motion Is Terrifying

Being stung by a jellyfish is one of the most painful experiences. But what exactly is going on? Destin of Smarter


Baffling Balloon Behavior In Car Science Experiment

Dustin of science channel Smarter Every Day demonstrates a cool science experiment in his latest viral video. With the help of his


How Harry Houdini Died

Harry Houdini is still one of the most famous magicians, best known for inconceivably cheating death countless times.  He eventually