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Crushing Halloween With Hydraulic Press

So yeah, Halloween is over-over. Maybe this video by the Hydraulic Press Channel does set the final nail in this

Can a Pumpkin Protect an iPhone 7 from 100ft Drop Test?

So if you happen to not have asked yourself this question before - GizmoSlip answeres it for you! And gathers


Crushing Alarm Clock With Hydraulic Press

We all hate the moment our alarm clock wakes us up in the morning. In the cartoons, characters will often


Smashing Eggs In Slow Motion

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect left the sports arena behind to do some 'guy things in slow motion.'  In this


David Ortiz Smashes Phone In Dugout With Bat After Strikeout, Ejection

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox expressed some serious anger and frustration during Saturdays Orioles-Red Sox game. After striking


Angry Marcos Baghdatis Breaks Tennis Rackets At Australian Open 2012

The Australian Open is a stressful time for a tennis player to shine, so when Marcos Baghdatis was losing to


Man Struggles To Smash Guitar On His Head

This idiot tried to break a wooden guitar on his head and record it on camera. But after the first


Dad Hits Daughter Playing Kinect

Come on guys. Please clear your kids out of the way. There are way to many videos online of parents


Asian Teacher Smashes Student’s Phone – FAKE Viral Video

A video of an Asian teacher smashing a student's cell phone because he was talking in class is going viral.


Girl Launches Watermelons, Smashes Her Own Face – The Amazing Race

From the new season of the Amazing Race, CBS tweeted this brutal video. This girl has to launch watermelons with