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This Party Is Lit

When you literally got everything mixed up.

Hey Babe

Look at me vape.

Cigarettes Are The Devil

I think we can all relate to this one...

Kid Asks Strangers For A Light Social Experiment

Adults know that smoking cigarettes is bad for them in every way, yet many still continue to smoke for a…

How To Quit Smoking

MR. FORTHRIGHT is famous online for offering advice in a brash and harsh style. He doesn't beat around the bush. He…

Social Smoking Compared To Social Farting PSA

Canadian anti-smoking campaign Quit The Denial published this eye-opening PSA under the account Mark atMOH, and already the ten day old video…

How To Light A Cigarette With A Hammer

How to perform a task without the necessary tools is a popular topic online. Opening alcoholic beverages without a bottle opener or…

‘Smoking Kid’ – Thailand Anti-Smoking Commercial

Thailand is known for their emotionally powerful advertising, and one such commercial has made it to the Western Internet again.  Ogilvy…

Indonesian Boy Smokes Two Packs Of Cigarettes A Day

People are outraged after reports such as this one by Itn News surfaced about an eight year old Indonesian boy who smokes…

Herman Cain Political Ad – Chief Of Staff Smokes Cigarette

Amazingly, underdog Herman Cain is at the top of the polls for the nominee as Republican presidential candidate. But his…

Orangutan Smoking At Malaysian Zoo

Shirley, an orangutan at the Malacca zoo in Malaysia has been caught on camera smoking cigarettes thrown to her from zoo guests. The…

Local News Reporter Caught Smoking During Report On Oil Fire

News anchors for the local news station KHOU in Houston started their report with breaking news. They open with an oil…



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