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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Two Guys Perform Smooth Criminal On Cello

It was once thought that string instruments were for classical music and that was it. But you need the drums…

Smooth Criminal Played On Traditional Japanese Instruments

Michael Jackson has countless famous hits, and one favorite is Smooth Criminal. Alien Ant Farm already covered the song with a…

Seven Year Old Performs Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Dance

Seven year old Luka went all out for his school's talent show. Dressed in the typical Jackson costume, complete with…

Smooth Criminal Wedding Dance

This viral video from last summer published by bjkimber86 just started to trend again now. At his July wedding to Cara, Jeff…

Dad Catches Son Dancing To Smooth Criminal While Doing The Dishes

Why is Michael Jackson still considered the King of Pop still? Because even kids today are listening and dancing to…


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