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Escaped Python Sparks Panic on Busy Road During Rush Hour

This is the terrifying moment a rampaging python brought havoc on a busy road as drivers battled to catch it


Rat Saves Her Child From Snake

Snake slithers away after rat goes mental on him.


Relationship Goals

Not sure how this relationship is recovering from this...


Snake Wants To Hitch A Ride With Motorcyclist

There's room enough for two on that motorcycle, the snake thought. Or maybe he was just scared, that's also possible.


Have A Look Inside The Body Of One Of The Most Dangerous Animals Worldwide

Rattlesnakes are born with a self-defense mechanism that activates when in danger or when scared. It's the rattle in their


Super Intense: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth II

This clip from the new running episodes of "Planet Earth II" is truly amazing! See natures pure brutality in a


Little Snake Loves Burrowing In Sand

Jenny Gaines bought her tiny pet Kenyan Sand Boa snake Waffle a new toy. A mini replicate of those turtle sandboxes for kids.


Snake Can’t Move On Fleece Blanket

Chris B noticed something funny about his pet ball python snake. The slithering reptile can move surprisingly fast, but apparently not


Snake Bites At Woman’s Camera

Most people have a snake phobia. And that's understandable as our ancestors knew to fear these slithery reptiles which can often


Snake Steals Eggs From Bird’s Nest

Tan Nguyen found a bird's nest in their front yard and decided to put a camera nearby to capture the moment


GoPro Dropped Into Pit Of Rattlesnakes

The snake is already one of the most feared creatures in the animal kingdom. But it is the rattlesnake that


Mother Rabbit Battles Snake After It Attacks Her Babies

Nature is often glorified as pure and beautiful. And that's true. Except when a predator attacks another animal that we